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Biodegradable Confetti: Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Options


The moment has come.

You and your partner have said your “I dos”, exchanged the first kiss, and are now triumphantly marching back down the aisle.

Is there anything that can make this moment any more exciting?

How about some confetti!

Handheld confetti cannons or confetti launchers are pretty exciting and we have some great ideas for how to incorporate this awesome action into your special occasions, such as a wedding or birthday party.

Even better, we will be using biodegradable materials to minimize the environmental impact.

Why Biodegradable?

There are many things that have been thrown at weddings and celebrations, from rice to popcorn to birdseed.

Probably even a drink or two, but only at the rowdier events.

In recent years, there has been some concern about the impact of these celebratory materials on the local flora and fauna.

Raw rice was thought to injure the animals that ingest it, and many of these projectiles are too small to ensure a full cleanup.

Many event venues have taken to charging a confetti cleanup fee or even requiring biodegradable confetti in order to cut down on the problems they were having.

Luckily, biodegradable products are becoming more mainstream as we all start to be more conscientious of the environment.

The Confetti

Birdseed is all well and good if you want to go with a naturally biodegradable (or even compostable) confetti option.

It is not nearly as fun and colorful as traditional confetti, though. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from to fit any event and color scheme.

Biodegradable Paper Confetti by It’s A Confetti Parti!

Biodegradable Paper Confetti by It’s A Confetti Parti

“It’s A Confetti Parti” offers nine different color combinations of this cute confetti mix.

The metallics will add some sparkle no matter what the occasion is. Each round is a sizeable 1 inch in diameter so it is sure to make a statement.

If you decide not to throw it, this confetti can also be used as decoration. Spread it around on tables or displays to instantly transform what would otherwise be a boring monochrome.

All of the confetti is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It will disappear within days so there is no need to worry about cleanup.

Soft Blush, Champagne, Peach, and Ivory Confetti

Soft Blush, Champagne, Peach, and Ivory Confetti

This handmade mix of four beautiful and subtle colors is a classic choice that will enhance the celebratory moment. The biodegradable tissue paper is fully compostable.

In addition, this confetti is made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper so you are giving the material a fun second life before it is returned to the earth.

While it is compostable, the confetti is not water soluble. If you need it gone quickly then this may not work for your event. If you do not mind it taking a few weeks, however, then toss away!

White Rice Paper Snow Confetti

White Rice Paper Snow Confetti

If you need confetti that will disappear quickly then this rice paper confetti is the best option.

Although this company only sells it in white you would be hard pressed to find an event color scheme where it would not fit in.

Since it is made of rice paper, it is thinner and lighter than most types of tissue paper. This allows for more density and slower falling action.

It will feel like it is snowing and with the proper aftercare it will melt away like the snow too.

The rice paper material is water soluble so it fully dissolves in wet conditions. The area can simply be hosed down after the event.

If you are lucky and get some rain in the forecast (hopefully, after you leave!) then the rain does a great job of naturally cleaning up for you.

The Delivery

Although you can always choose to have guests simply grab handfuls and toss them in the air at the appropriate time, what is the fun in that?

There are more exciting and unique ways to launch this stuff into the air.

Confetti cannons come pre-loaded, so if you want to control the type of confetti that is used, then you may want to consider a DIY delivery method.


confetti cones

A decorative step up from the old grab ‘n’ go method is to make (or buy) cones to hold and launch the confetti.

While there is no firepower involved, it can be a bit safer and everyone can get in on the action.

Cones tend to be fairly inexpensive to begin with but you can also make your own with a bit of paper and glue or tape. You can even personalize and decorate them.

Pro-tip: To give the cone experience a bit more of a cannon ‘oomph,’ cut the bottom tip off, take a big breath, and blow the confetti out at the appointed time. You might be surprised at how much height you can get!


You can actually make and fill your own poppers if you want a bit more firepower but do not want to invest in a cannon.

All you need is a paper towel tube, four balloons, and strong tape (like duct tape).

  1. Cut the tube into fourths.
  2. Tie off the opening of each balloon, then cut off the rounded top.
  3. Insert a tube into a balloon by about an inch, then tape all the way around.
  4. Repeat for the remaining three sets of material.
  5. Fill with biodegradable confetti of your choice.

To launch, simply hold the tube around the middle with one hand, pull back on the balloon end with the other and let it fly. You can use decorative tape or other materials to make the poppers more attractive.

Confetti launcher cannons

Confetti launcher cannons

If you simply must have a cannon at your event then make sure to pick one that uses biodegradable confetti, such as this Confetti Launcher Cannon.

Cannons for home use come pre-loaded with clear instructions for use.

The confetti in this particular cannon is water soluble so just rinse the area down after use.

Make sure to follow all safety regulations and, of course, have fun!

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