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We are not separate from our environment

More and more people are becoming aware of the negative effects that our current way of living has on our planet.

Air pollution, more plastic than fish in our oceans & harmful chemicals in the products we use is just the tip of the iceberg.

Slowly, we’re starting to understand that those problems are not separate from us, somehow “out there”.

We are right in the middle of it, we as humans and our environment are one single ecosystem.

There’s no permanent separation of anything.

It is us who breathe the polluted air every second.

Harmful chemicals sooner or later always make their way back to us, into our bodies, be it through water or the food chain.

We are beginning to see that we can no longer escape the consequences of our actions – in fact, we never could.

The former “not my problem” attitude is exposed as self-delusion.

People are waking up to the problem

Thankfully, it seems like change might be coming.

There is a worldwide shift in awareness of those problems happening.

Slowly but surely, people seem to wake up to our self-created mess.

They start to make more conscious decisions in all aspects of their lives.

They are looking for alternatives to the old reckless and harmful lifestyle.

Looking for ways to live in a sustainable way, in harmony with our environment.

Our goal is to encourage, facilitate and further that change.

What about you?

Be the change.

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