Fair Trade Chocolate – The Ultimate Guide (Plus The Best Brands)

organic fair trade chocolate

There’s no denying how popular chocolate is. John Q. Tullius even said, “nine out of ten people love chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” That being said, odds are pretty good you’re a chocolate lover too (even if that statistic isn’t exactly accurate). Here’s a more accurate one: However, how much do you actually know about the …

Truly Eco-Friendly Makeup Accessories (+ the Best Products)

cosmetic products makeup beauty accessories

Perhaps you’ve made an effort to buy more eco-friendly and nontoxic makeup products, but what about the accessories you use to apply, store, and remove your makeup? Makeup wipes. Makeup bags. Makeup brushes and applicators. The conventional varieties of these accessories can create a lot of waste that ultimately ends up in a landfill. Some …

6 Eco-Friendly Makeup Brands You’ll Love (Natural, Safe & Sustainable)

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Have you ever wondered how your makeup routine affects the planet? Each year, about 120 billion pieces of packaging are tossed from beauty items alone. Many of those packages are made from plastic that will sit in landfills for centuries, leeching toxic chemicals into the soil. A lot of the ingredients used in conventional makeup …

6 Eco-Friendly Balloon Alternatives (+ Why They’re Better)

When’s the last time you went to a celebration and you didn’t see any balloons? It’s probably been a while. Balloons are a staple at all kinds of celebrations, from birthday parties to grand openings to retirement parties and more.

Platic Bubble Wrap: The Best Environmentally Friendly Alternatives

plastic bubble wrap

Do you typically reach for bubble wrap when mailing or shipping packages? Plastic bubble wrap has been a go-to mailing supply for individuals and companies who ship items. But plastic, as you know, is a material that is proving immensely toxic to our environment and health.