Eco-friendly building materials (your complete guide to a sustainable house)

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Have you ever thought about all the materials that go into the building of a new house? Even a simple remodel can require a significant amount of materials, from wood to concrete and much more. Unfortunately, many of these materials are not eco-friendly, yet it’s something we rarely think about. After all, it’s not like …

Truly eco-friendly shampoo & body wash (healthy & plastic-free)

soap bars plastic free shampoo body wash

How’s your hair looking these days? How is your skin feeling? If the answer to either is not great, it’s likely because you’re using a poor quality shampoo and body wash. However, even if you think your hair and your skin are both fine, this may not be the case long-term if you’re not careful about the shampoo …

Environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic bubble wrap

plastic bubble wrap

Do you typically reach for bubble wrap when mailing or shipping packages? Plastic bubble wrap has been a go-to mailing supply for individuals and companies who ship items. But plastic, as you know, is a material that is proving immensely toxic to our environment and health.